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Jun 29, 2023

How Wire EDM Is Advancing Healthcare

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Wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) dates back to the 1940s. The machining technique facilitates the manufacturing of precision-engineered metal components that can't be made using traditional processes. Over the years, this unique machining process has become increasingly sophisticated and accessible.

While wire EDM can advance numerous industries, healthcare is one of the sectors most profoundly impacted by this revolutionary technique.

Wire EDM is a machining technique that involves feeding a wire electrode on a vertical axis. The wire electrode is kept under tension, and voltage is emitted into the wire through a dielectric fluid and directed at the subject media, which is grounded. The subject media is moved across an X-Y plane until the desired pattern is created.

There are several different types of wire EDM, including:

Components, including medical hardware, can be created using a single type of EDM or may involve multiple types of electrical discharge machining, depending on the complexity of the design.

Precision is critical in the healthcare sector. Medical equipment must be produced with tight tolerances in order to meet the rigorous standards of the industry.

Wire EDM techniques facilitate the creation of small-scale, highly complex medical parts. This process is frequently used to create micro medical parts, surgical tools, or essential components of larger equipment.

The development of more advanced wire EDM machines is paving the way for the production of more precise and sophisticated medical components. These machines enable manufacturers to create better parts faster while maintaining incredibly tight tolerances. Some of the parts and components created by these machines include:

By enhancing manufacturers’ ability to create precision tools, wire EDM machinery is promoting better patient outcomes and has the potential to contribute to the development of new techniques, equipment, and procedures.

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