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Sep 15, 2023

AgieCharmilles CUT X series of wire cutting EDM machines available worldwide

The AgieCharmilles CUT X wire-cutting EDM machine series, first announced at EMO

The AgieCharmilles CUT X wire-cutting EDM machine series, first announced at EMO Milano 2021, is now available worldwide, providing extreme accuracy in a simple and fast way.

With the new high-end CUT X series, GF Machining Solutions makes use of its over 100 years of experience in wire cutting EDM. The new CUT X series in the Pinifarina design, which includes the CUT X 350 and the CUT X 500 machines, features new technologies that significantly increase operating precision. The machines are capable of holding extreme pitch positioning and contouring capabilities for superb part quality, making them suited for stamping, moulding and micro-machining applications in the electronic components (EC), medical and automotive markets.

One of the features the CUT X series includes is the Uniqua human/machine interface (HMI), with optimal functionality and ergonomics in a 19’ vertical touchscreen, full keyboard and mouse. For utmost compatibility, Uniqua supports legacy file types from various EDM manufacturers. It also creates, imports, modifies and executes sequential (ISO-based) and object-oriented (dynamic) programmes from previous versions of VISION and AC CUT, combining their usability and functionality. With offline and at-the-machine programming, ISO-based functionality and object-oriented programming, Uniqua provides a powerful graphic tool with integrated CAM. It also ensures compatibility with major CAD/CAM programmes.

Besides the easy-to-use interface Uniqua, machines in the CUT X series are equipped with the new wire circuit. Thanks to the unique twin wire plate, the users can choose between the twin wire technology (the main cut being faster with bigger wire, while achieving smaller radii with thinner wire), longer autonomy (thanks to two identical wire spools) and to reduce contamination (with two wires with identical diameter but different coating).

As a world premiere, GF Machining Solutions gives the operator the possibility to work with open or closed guides, thanks to a quick and simple system of interchangeable cartridges. This allows the operator to choose the right guides depending on the application. The distance from the guide to the workpiece has been reduced to guarantee the highest contour accuracy and a more stable process. The new heads, produced with Additive Manufacturing, optimise the flushing channels and reduce the distance between the guides and the parts, which is key to improving the wire straightness and cleaning conditions during the cutting process. The compact design of the lower head allows to machine intricate parts. New X-Technologies in GF Machining Solutions’ database focus on high accuracy, high surface quality and high-speed results.

Thermal compensation is a new standard feature of the CUT X machines, ensuring ultra-high contour accuracy even with high environment temperature change during long cutting cycles. The Automatic Wire Threading (AWT) makes it easy to integrate automation into the process, while the wire chopper reduces idle time. Thanks to the annealing, job processing with a correct re-threading is ensured, even under the most difficult conditions.

Other features will be available on the CUT X series during the year, like the Intelligent Spark Protection System (ISPS). Based on the Spark Track technology, the ISPS prevents wire breakage, detecting variations in the workpiece profile. The CUT X series is connected to OPC UA, while offering further options like automatic doors for perfect ergonomics and full accessibility for the operator, retractable probing and 3D setup for continuous production, and Automatic Slug Management for a full automated process.

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