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Aug 28, 2023

EDM Shop to service and sell Syntec PC

EDM Shop has announced that the company has extended the basket of products it

EDM Shop has announced that the company has extended the basket of products it markets to the metalworking engineering industry to include Syntec Technology, a Taiwanese manufacturer of PC-based CNC controllers for turning and milling machines.

"Syntec is a professional PC-based digital controller manufacturer. It has long been immersed in the development of software and hardware technology for machine tool controllers, and is committed to expanding its market worldwide. That includes South Africa where a significant amount of CNC machines have been imported with the Syntec CNC controller and we have retrofitted a number of machines with the latest controls from the company," said Steven Andrews of EDM Shop.

"Syntec has made efforts in achieving a high-performance, high-efficiency PC-Based CNC controller that is fitted to most manufacturers’ machines. Based on the rapid development of PC technology, Syntec have invested in the research and development of hardware and software technology."

Focus on machine tool industry"Syntec's business covers a variety of controller products in the fields of lathe, milling, and dedicated machines. With innovative skills as well as value added applications and complete services, it has made its mark in the Asian countries and is gaining rapid penetration in the rest of the world," continued Stevens.

"On performance Syntec provides outstanding high-speed, high-precision functions to satisfy the needs of areas such as moulds and high-speed milling. Multi-axis control and multi-programme applications make the lathe, milling and multi-axis interpolation control very easy to use. With the abundant and complete GM code and the easy-to-learn interface, first-time users can get started quickly. Thanks to the high-degree of horizontal integration capabilities and scalability of the operating interface, machine tool factories can provide a variety of products to meet customers’ demands," explained Stevens.

"With the high-performance motherboard, it supports 5-axis motion control using Serial Bus communication. It not only supports the correction of various types of 5-axis mechanisms, but also uses the RTCP tool tip control function to complete high-precision surface processing."

Extension of product offerings"Since established in 1995, Syntec has extended its product range to include high-end spindle servo programmes, linear motors, and direct drive motors and other specialty products. In response to the trend of intelligent automation they have actively developed general-purpose automation controllers and robot controllers of various types. They are also developing related integrated value-added products to meet the needs of intelligent and automated production lines, Industry 4.0 and, excitingly for high-precision laser control and marking."

New retrofitting and automating division"The Syntec products support EDM's new division, which is the retrofitting and automating of older machines using Syntec controllers. We have been very busy in this area and expect to expand the division as more demand is thrust on us."

"We have found that if the accuracy of the machine is still reasonable (we can check with our Renishaw QC20 ballbar test) but the controller is unreliable, replacing the controller, servo drives and motors can give the machine a new lease of life."

"The pre-configured retrofit package consists of a control-only retrofit, which maintains and integrates a machine's current motors and drives. A complete CNC package with new motors and drives is also available. Professional installation by a certified machine tool retrofit solution partner makes the retrofit package virtually ‘plug-and-play’ and reduces machine downtime."

"However, customers must be aware that they do not plan a control retrofit project too narrowly. Proper mechanical alignment is a key part of a comprehensive approach to upgrading a machine's CNC controls."

New machines"Our range of new machines that we market includes CNC mills and machining centers (including 5-axis), CNC lathes, EDM machines and surface and cylindrical grinders. We are now able to offer complete turnkey projects to both toolrooms and production shops."

"The brands that EDM Shop now represent includes Wele machining centers up to 5-axis and big vertical turning/milling centers and boring mills, Jyoti Huron machining centers up to 3-axis, turning centers and small vertical turning centers, Paragon cylindrical and polygonal grinding machines, Phoenix bed type milling machines and flat-bed CNC lathes, Aristech RAM EDM machines, Accutex and SSG wire EDM machines, as well as Ocean EDM drills."

"Over and above these machines we also offer plastic injection moulding machines and a range of rubber injection and compression moulding machines."

"Developing powerful and efficient CNC systems has long been Syntec's mission. Moreover, their integration capability and flexibility are a great match for machine builders to develop unique applications for specialised products at will in the fast innovating and moving world of PC technology."

For further details contact EDM Shop on TEL: 011 762 5231 or visit www.edmshop.co.za

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