2022 CNC Wire Cut EDM Fr-600


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2022 CNC Wire Cut EDM Fr-600

2022 CNC Wire Cut EDM Fr-600

FR-600 Wire Cut EDM New Design Machine Featurers: 1) Exclusive automatical parameter generating system in China. Working

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Basic Info
Model NO. FR-600
Numerical Control CNC/MNC
Processing Precision +-0.005mm
Performance Classification High-End CNC Machine Tools
Certification CE, ISO 9001
Condition New
Roughness 0.8 Um
Parameter Inputting Automatically
Thickness for 3 Time Cutting 200mm
Transport Package 1800*1400*2250mm
Specification FR-400G/S
Trademark RuiJun
Origin Suzhou China
HS Code 8456301090
Production Capacity 3600+ Sets/Year
Product Description

FR-600 Wire Cut EDM New Design

Machine Featurers:
1) Exclusive automatical parameter generating system in China. Working parameters are generated by machine itself, you don't have to input Pon,Poff,Electricity,Voltage,Wire Speed,Limit Speed...manually base on your experience. That means you could do a good job even you are a novice.2) Roughness: Ra ≤0.8μm3) Thrice Cutting thickness : ≥200mm (Very rare manufacturer could finishing surface on a 200+mm workpiece)4) Max Machining Speed: 200mm2/min
Factory Situation:
1). More than 3000 Sets Wire Cut EDM Machine sold out in Chinese market each year.
2). Over 15000 sets our EDM machines installed in China and other countries.
3). 8 steps checking for each machine by more than 25 QCS.
4). 21 years experience on EDM Machines (From 1997) , 300+ employees.
5). 20 research personnel for developing new models and accessories.6). Over 36000 square meters factory area base on Kunshan city.

2022 CNC Wire Cut EDM Fr-600


Machine Configuration and Suppliers:
1) Window 7 System with Auto-CAD software control System.2) PANASONIC Inverter for controlling swing motor. ( Japan Panasonic )3) "C" Structure HT250 Casting Machine Body ( Japan )4) Standard DRO and Z axis motorized drive up and down.5) Hiwin brand linear guide way install on X,Y axis from Taiwan. ( P level, 2μm/100mm)6) Hiwin brand ball screw install on X,Y axis from Taiwan. ( C3 level,8μm/100mm)7) Automatic central lubrication system. (Not manual)8) X,Y,U,V 4-axis Mitsubishi/Fuji Servo motor/drive on "S" model machine.(servo motor from Japan)9) Automatic double direction wire tension system.10) Standard ±6 degree taper cutting system(±12 degree for option).11) PHILIPS Industrial Computer monitor. (Philips Europe)12) Automatic parameter generating system developed by our company exclusive in China.13) Waterproof Copper Pulley. (Use longer time than normal copper pulley)14) Wire roller motor is SPG brand. (from Korea)15) Wire roller liner guide way from Taiwan Hiwin. (H level,3μm/100mm)16) LED Inside light. (Not outside bulb)17) RuiJun customized wire guider. (Unique design can be used longer)
Table travel(X×Y)mm300*400350*500400*600550*700
Worktable size (W×L)mm550*680580*770680*940720*1040
Motor typeX,Y,U,VG: Stepper motor
S: Servo motor
Max. work piece thicknessmm250 (350 for option)300 (400 for option)
U.V axismm20*20 (30*30 for ±12°/80)
Max. taper angle/plate thicknessdegree/mm ±6°/80 (±12°/80 for option)
Machine accuracyOctagonmm ±0.005
Tapemm 0.012
Roughness, thrice cuttingμm≤0.8
Max. machining speedmm²/min160~200
Max load of tableKg350400500600
Machine weightKg1500170020002400
Water tank capacityL150
Rated PowerKVA3
Wire diametermm0.16-0.20
Wire traveling speedm/s2-11
Machine dimensions(W×L×H)mm1160*1650*18501300*1770*18801540*1920*20201730*2020*2080
Controller dimensions(W×L×H) Mm620*800*1800
Water tank dimension(W×L×H)mm580*960*530
Factory Pictures

2022 CNC Wire Cut EDM Fr-600

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2022 CNC Wire Cut EDM Fr-600

SamplesCertificatesProduct Introduction
Considering the main problems existing in the old type Fast Speed wire cut machine such as low cutting precision, bad surface finishing and slow cutting speed, while the brass wire cut machine is much more expensive and difficult to learn, we develop the second generation Middle Speed Wire Cutting EDM machine based on the technology from Brass wire cut machine, deeply improves the cutting precision, surface finishing (Ra≤0.8um), cutting speed to make the cutting life and technology almost same as brass wire cut machine. But the machine's purchase cost is much lower than brass wire cut machine, the operator with few experience of wire cut edm machine can use our machine immediately and easily. Comprehensive efficiency is 2 or 3 times as fast speed wire cut machine.

Our machine adopts 6 sets high level linear guide way on the traveling system including X,Y axis and other running accessories, X,Y axis adopts 2 sets high level ball screw.
Wire Roller system: the first company in China adopts linear guide way, makes the travel moving smoothly without any obstruction, it makes sure the roller without any wear, solved the big obstruction, big wear, etc problem from the V shape guide way.
Taper or Angle part: UV axis taper unit has got national patent, patent number:2L2008200332261. Perfect design high level taper unit, make high accuracy for moving and taper cutting.
Wire Tension System: National patent number: 2L200820000226.7. Adopt double direction wire tension system, keeps the wire tension with same strength during working, which can protect the wire and reduce the wire broken possibility.
Product Sales Quantity
2013 year -----1000 sets2014 year -----1300 sets2015 year -----1500 sets2016 year -----1700 sets2017 year ----- 3600 sets

2022 CNC Wire Cut EDM Fr-600

Customer Evaluation
After 20 years developing, RuiJun brand has gone into customer's heart deeply, die manufacturer knows it is easier to get orders from clients if they use RuiJun machine, this is the power from our brand, who can effect die maker's decision from their customers' suggestion.
We can sell out 9 sets machine every day on the first two month of 2017 (one hour one set ), many small factories' year sale quantity can not catch up RuiJun month sale quantity. Many factories arranged their Factory Managers coming to find out the reason. But we think the reason is coming from the users, not coming from the factory. Because many customers told us, their clients will not give the die orders to them if they do not use RuiJun machine, that's why they buy our machine.

Our machine has some special features as follows:
1.If you ordered ten sets RuiJun brand machine, you have a die, no matter which machine make this die, the size will be exactly the same, one of our customer said, other brand is not exactly same, there's some small difference. (He has about 40 sets machine, 30 sets are Ruijun brand, and another 10 sets are from 3 different manufacturers )
2.RuiJun brand machine can make a die with perfect surface finishing very easily, while other brand is not easy .
3.Even the die thickness is more than 200mm, we can still make a good surface finishing, while other brand is difficult if the thickness is too big.
4.We have key-technology, we do not like to tell customer how better motors we use, how expensive accessories we use, unless we do not have core technology, unless we are not popular in the market.
What we want to say is: we have more experience, we are more professional, that's why we are more popular in the market.