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Aug 27, 2023

Submerged Wire EDM

The AU-1440iA Z800 submerged wire EDM is engineered to process large as well as

The AU-1440iA Z800 submerged wire EDM is engineered to process large as well as smaller parts with accuracy, speed and convenience. The machine's X axis capacity of 1 378mm with 800mm in Y and Z enable it to handle workpieces up to 1 791mm x 1 062mm x 782mm in size.

The machine structure, designed via Finite Element Analysis (FEA), includes a Meehanite cast honeycomb-type base, highly-ribbed column mounted with oversized UVZ axis and a reinforced lower-arm to increase stiffness. To maximise durability, the 148mm U and V axes are protected in a cabinet located above the working area. All castings are stabilised to ensure maximum strength, reliable high precision and long durability when machining heavy workpieces. The rigid structure and 20mm C1 Class U-V ball screws provide repeatable precision at the high flushing pressures necessary for high-speed cutting.

A precision hardened-stainless-steel workpiece-mounting table offers easy accessibility and is designed to function as a standard clamping system, permitting a wide range of workpieces to be fixtured quickly and accurately. The worktable can also accommodate any commercial clamping system.

AccuteX's automatic wire threading (AWT) system enhances machining speed by accomplishing fast submerged rethreading at the break point. When wire breakage occurs, rethreading takes place without dielectric drainage/refilling, resulting in spark-to-spark times as low as 15 seconds. The system also includes a scrap wire disposal unit.

A 64-bit Windows CE Based PC CNC system drives machine axes via closed loop, direct coupled AC servomotors, with eight millionths resolution confirmed by a Heidenhain linear glass scale feedback system. The patented structure of the machine's Hiwin linear guideways reduces up to 90% of friction and vibration to produce unwavering accuracy of motion. Resulting positioning accuracy is ± 5 micron and repeatability ± 2.5 micron in X & Y.

The AccuteX AU-1400iA Z800 EDM enables shops to easily process both large and small parts ergonomically and efficiently. The machine's two stage automatic tank door, unparalleled cutting speed and accuracy assure maximum flexibility and productivity."

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