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May 14, 2023

Sodick bringing injection molding machines to Europe

The Sodick GL30 range will be previewed at K 2019. Japanese machine specialist

The Sodick GL30 range will be previewed at K 2019.

Japanese machine specialist Sodick Co. Ltd. is launching sales of its injection molding machines in Europe, starting with a preview at K 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

While Sodick is well-known for its EDM (electrical discharge machining) equipment, it has also produced plastic injection molding machines for the past 30 years, but primarily sold those presses in China and the U.S.

At K 2019, Oct. 16-23, it will introduce its molding technology to Europe, showing GL30 series machines. The 30-metric-ton electric-hydraulic hybrid molding machine are specifically intended for production of high-precision parts used in the micro medical, telecom and electrical and electronics industries.

The company says precision is driven by the machine's highly-accuracy injection unit. Where conventional injection molding machines melt, meter and inject the polymer using a reciprocating screw and check valve, Sodick machines uses the V-Line injection method to accurately prepare the polymer meter shot by weight, filling the component in a precise and repeatable process.

This results in an a more accurate filling and pressurisation of the componen, the companys ays. Accurate shot and pressurisation of the polymer is further controlled by the linear motor drive system used to govern the movements of the injection plunger. This travels at high speed to help reduce the viscosity of the melt, allowing the polymer to behave in a more predictable and repeatable fashion.

In addition to the linear accuracy, the machine is capable of linear injection speeds in excess of 1,300 millimeters per second and can achieve and maintain this speed within a 5 mm shot size while accelerating and decelerating within 1mm of plunger movement.

Conor Cooke, injection molding machine product manager, added: "Shot size repeatability and the maintenance of the polymer volumetric flowrate is critical to achieving part size compliance and lower wastage. Medical applications require tolerances which are measured in microns and the V-Line system offers this level of repeatable capability."

In July, Sodick formally opened its new European headquarters in Warwick, United Kingdom. The new facility will, in part, support deliveries and related training, maintenance, of company machines sold across Europe.

Sodick will be at K 2019 in Hall 15, stand C55.

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