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Mar 17, 2023

Arty & Morgan Page Begin Tour At Webster Hall [Event Review]

Arty and Morgan Page are embarking on a huge tour together. It all began this

Arty and Morgan Page are embarking on a huge tour together. It all began this past weekend at New York's Webster Hall. The tour will go just about everywhere from Hawaii to California to Canada. The two of them bring a unique show with a variety of sounds. If you are a fan of all genres of dance music, you for sure should attend.

The prestigious Webster Hall is a great venue to kick off the tour. It offers quite of few amenities beyond the massive dance floor. The LED screens and lightning always create a vibe around the theatrelike venue. I could see Shakespeare or any play working well here too. I am a big fan of the balcony that allows you to look over the whole main floor. Downstairs there is also a chill area with couches if you need a break.

Morgan Page started the party with power and some of his signature hits. His set was diverse and filled with Bass House, Techno, Big Room, and more. For casual listeners and deep fans of EDM, his set was great to get your body moving. Morgan played some of his classics including ‘Fade Away’ and ‘Wounded.’ I was a big fan of his harder section where he played my personal favorite ‘I Love It.’

Arty closed out the night with his distinct and unparalleled sound. He has made his mark on Progressive House over the years. His sound has also evolved over the years. When I first discovered him he was making a festival progressive house. While that is still somewhere in his creations, he has now carved out his own spot within the genre that not many others can create.

I have noticed he is an expert in vocals and especially when using them with melodies. If you give his catalog a listen you will find with whatever vocalist he is using, he is able to chop it up into a rhythm. His finest example of this is ‘Those Eyes’ where he speeds up the vocal for the main drop. That song I could have on all day during the Summer.

He only has one release this year in ‘Lightning Strikes’ but he sure had plenty of IDs during his set. You can see he is gearing up for something special. Without giving too much away, they are super catchy tracks that were in my head the whole next day. Many of the drops always came back to his expertise with vocals. I am excited about where Arty is heading and if he is in town, you should for sure attend a show.

You can check on their tour schedule here!

Photo credit: @DanNilsenPhotography

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